Granby Public Schools
February 21, 2018 7:00 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting
I. Administrative Reports
I.A. Superintendent's Announcements (5 min.)

Dr. Addley will provide district updates.

I.B. Student Representative Reports (5 min.)

Ms. Maddie Attianese and Ms. Sarah Cusano, Student Representatives, will report on activities taking place at the high school.

I.C. Business Manager's Report (5 min.)

Ms. Anna Robbins, Business Manager, will present the January statement of accounts.

I.D. Schools in the Spotlight (15 min.)

Ms. Sue Alender and Ms. Anne Buckley, Middle School Science Teachers, along with a few students will present an overview of NGSS instruction in the 6th and 7th grade classroom.

II. Public Comment

Granby community engagement and attendance at BOE public meetings is welcomed. The Public Comment segment of the meeting agenda is set aside so the BOE may receive public comments. Procedurally, public remarks will be limited to about 5 minutes and citizens will be asked to identify themselves.  Because the BOE is limited by the Freedom of Information Act to discussing only matters on the agenda, the BOE is not permitted to engage in a discussion of the comments presented.   

III. Consent Agenda (5 min.)
III.A. Minutes

The Board will approve/amend the minutes of the February 7, 2018 Board of Education meeting.

Recommended Motion

That the Granby Board of Education adopt the consent agenda.

IV. Old Business
IV.A. Elementary School Improvement Plan Updates (20 min.)

Ms. Kimberly Dessert, Kelly Lane Primary School Principal, and Dr. Anna Forlenza-Bailey, Wells Road Intermediate School Principal, will share updates for their respective School Improvement Plans.

IV.B. FY19 Budget Update (10 min.)

Dr. Addley will provide an update on the FY19 Budget.

V. New Business
V.A. Indoor Air Quality Report (10 min.)

Ms. Anna Robbins, Business Manager, will present the annual Indoor Air Quality Report to the Board.

VI. Miscellaneous (20 min.)
VI.A. Board Standing Committee Reports
VI.A.1. Curriculum/Policy/Technology/Communication
VI.A.2. Finance/Personnel/Facilities
VI.B. Other Board-Related Reports
VI.B.2. Granby Education Foundation
VI.C. Calendar of Events
VI.D. Board Member Announcements
VI.E. Action Items
VII. Executive Session/Non-Meeting