Coventry Public Schools
April 27, 2017 7:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting Agenda
I. Call to Order
II. Salute to the Flag
III. Audience of Citizens
IV. Report of Superintendent
IV.A. Recognition: William Vanderrest, Outstanding Coach of the Year in Girls Track
IV.B. Information: CNH Drama Production "The Masked Musketeer" Preview
IV.C. Information: 2016-17 Innovative Grant Update - Science Technology Energy Matter Science Museum
IV.D. Information: Student Board of Education Representative Report
V. VOTE: Consent Agenda
V.A. Accept the Resignation of Haleemah Hall, CNH Teacher
V.B. Accept the Resignation of Joshua Murphy, CHS Teacher
V.C. Accept the Resignation of Allison Welz, CGS Teacher
V.D. Approve the CNH June Field Experience to LaCrosse, WI
V.E. Approve the CGS June Field Experience to Mendon, MA
VI. Report of Chairman
VII. Communications
VIII. VOTE: Approval of Minutes
VIII.A. Approve Minutes of March 30, 2017
IX. Old Business
IX.A. Information: Natural Gas Conversion Update
X. New Business
X.A. Discussion: Policy 6120 Parent and Family Engagement up for Revision (to be warned for a vote of revision at a future regular BOE meeting)
X.B. Information: Potential Tuition-in Students
XI. Report of Board Members
XI.A. Information: Fiscal Committee Report - Meeting of April 27, 2017
XII. Information and Possible VOTE: FY2018 Budget
XII.A. Discussion and VOTE: Increase in FY18 Appropriations due to Special Education Outplacement Costs
XIII. Possible VOTE: Executive Session (Administrative Level Interviews, Terms of Conditions of Employment for Non-Union Employees, Superintendent's Evaluation)
XIV. Open Session
XIV.A. Possible VOTE to authorize the Superintendent to enter into Employment Negotiations with a new principal for the Coventry Grammar School
XIV.B. Possible VOTE on the Terms of Conditions of Employment for Non-Union Employees
XV. Adjournment