Coventry Public Schools
May 25, 2017 7:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting Agenda
I. Call to Order
II. Salute to the Flag
III. Audience of Citizens
IV. Report of Superintendent
IV.A. Recognition: China Program 2016-17
IV.B. Recognition: Wenming and Susan Gu, Visiting Chinese Teachers
IV.C. Recognition: CABE Student Leadership Award Recipients: Joslyn Hoang, Timothy Morris, Emily Oliver, and Sean McHugo
IV.D. Information: Student Board of Education Representative Report
IV.E. Information: 2016-2017 Innovative Grant Update - Wiggle While You Work
IV.F. Information: 2016-2017 Administrators' Goal Achievement Update
IV.F.1. Athletics
IV.F.2. Business Office
V. VOTE: Consent Agenda
V.A. Accept Retirement of Michael Calli, CHS School Psychologist
V.B. Accept Resignation of Courtney Strekel, GHR Teacher
VI. Report of Chairman
VII. Communications
VIII. VOTE: Approval of Minutes
VIII.A. Approve Minutes of May 11, 2017
IX. Old Business
IX.A. Discussion and Possible VOTE: FY2018 Budget
X. New Business
X.A. Information: Confirm Members for Administrative Negotiations
XI. Report of Board Members
XI.A. CHS Walls Committee Update
XII. Adjournment