Coventry Public Schools
October 12, 2017 7:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting Agenda
I. Call to Order
II. Salute to the Flag
III. Audience of Citizens
IV. Report of Superintendent
IV.A. Information: Student Board of Education Representative Report
IV.B. Administrator Goal Presentations 2017-2018
IV.B.1. Technology Department
IV.B.2. Pupil and Staff Support Services
V. VOTE: Consent Agenda
V.A. Approve February 2018 CHS Field Experience to New York, NY
V.B. Approve CNH June 2018 Field Experience to LaCrosse, WI
VI. Report of Chairman
VII. Communications
VIII. VOTE: Approval of Minutes
VIII.A. Approve Minutes of September 28, 2017
IX. Old Business
IX.A. Information and possible VOTE: ENCON Proposal, Approve New ZREC Application Authorization
IX.B. Facilities Update
IX.C. Discussion and possible VOTE: FY18 Budget
X. Report of Board Members
X.A. Information: Fiscal Committee Report, Meeting of October 12, 2017
X.A.1. Microgrid Grant Program
XI. Adjournment