Coventry Public Schools
June 14, 2018 7:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting Agenda
I. Call to Order
II. Salute to the Flag
III. Audience of Citizens
IV. Recognition: CHS Athletics - Golf Team and Girls Tennis Team - NCCC Season Champions
V. Recognition: Coventry's Future Problem Solvers with Laura Boates
VI. Information and VOTE: Fill the Unexpired Term of Mary Minor
VI.A. Statements by Candidates
VI.B. Nominations and VOTE
VI.C. Swearing in of New Member
VI.D. Assign new Secretary of the Board of Education
VI.E. Fill Committee Vacancies: Grievance Committee, Policy Committee, and Residency Committee
VII. Report of Superintendent
VII.A. Recognition: Kevin Icart, Videographer
VII.B. Recognition: GHR Teachers, Margo Vachon, Lauren Jordan, Nicole Prasser, Nora Jones, and Lynn Bernier - CT Reading Association Grant Awards
VII.C. Information: Trout in the Classroom Update with Audra Leach and Maggie McInerney, CNH Teachers
VII.D. Recognition: Ben Urbanski, Student BOE Representative
VII.E. Information: Student Board of Education Representative Report
VII.F. Information: 2017-2018 Administrators' Goal Achievement Updates
VII.F.1. G. H. Robertson School
VII.F.2. Capt. Nathan Hale School
VII.F.3. Teaching and Learning
VIII. VOTE: Consent Agenda
VIII.A. Accept the resignation of William Riordan, CGS Para-educator
VIII.B. Accept resignation of Deborah Tomkunas, Cafeteria Worker
IX. Report of Chairman
X. Communications
XI. VOTE: Approval of Minutes
XI.A. Approve Minutes of May 31, 2018
XII. Old Business
XII.A. VOTE: Approve Revisions to Policy #3300/3323 Purchasing
XIII. Report of Board Members
XIII.A. Information: Transportation Committee Report - Meeting of June 14, 2018
XIII.B. Information: Fiscal Committee Report - Meeting of June 14, 2018
XIII.B.1. Possible VOTE: Request Transfer of Funds to Non-lapsing 1% Account
XIV. Possible VOTE: Executive Session (Bargaining Unit Negotiations)
XV. Open Session
XV.A. Possible VOTE: To approve the Agreement between the Coventry Board of Education and the Custodians 2018-2021
XVI. Adjournment