Coventry Public Schools
August 30, 2018 7:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting Agenda
I. Call to Order
II. Salute to the Flag
III. Audience of Citizens
IV. Report of Superintendent
IV.A. Information: Walls Committee Update
IV.B. Welcome and Information: Student Board of Education Representative Report
V. Information: Opening of School 2018-2019
VI. VOTE: Consent Agenda
VI.A. Accept Resignation of Carol Bittner, Para-educator
VI.B. Accept Resignation of Erin Bride, Special Education Teacher
VI.C. Accept Resignation of Lisa Decker, HEEC Teacher
VI.D. Accept Resignation of Karyn Deptula, CNH Teacher
VI.E. Accept Resignation of Daniela de Sousa, CHS Teacher
VI.F. Accept Resignation of Todd Giansanti, PSSS Director
VI.G. Accept Resignation Kelly Myers, Para-educator
VI.H. Accept Resignation of Katie Pease, CHS Teacher
VI.I. Accept Resignation of Ayla Raes, Para-educator
VI.J. Accept Resignation of Deanna Sokola, Special Education Teacher
VI.K. Accept Resignation of Barbara Zuraw, Para-educator
VII. Report of Chairman
VIII. Communications
IX. VOTE: Approval of Minutes
IX.A. Approve Minutes of July 12, 2018
IX.B. Approve Minutes of August 6, 2018
X. Old Business
X.A. Information: Facilities Update
X.B. VOTE: To allow the sale to students of beverages not listed in Section 10-221q of the Connecticut General Statutes, at the location of an event after the school day or on weekends.
XI. Report of Board Members
XI.A. Information and possible VOTE: ENCON Proposal, Approve New ZREC Application Authorization
XI.B. Information: Transportation Committee Update
XI.C. Information: Fiscal Committee Report, Meeting of August 30, 2018
XII. New Business
XII.A. Information: Janus Report
XII.B. Information/Training: Chromebooks
XIII. Adjournment