Coventry Public Schools
March 28, 2019 7:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting Agenda
I. Call to Order
II. Salute to the Flag
III. Audience of Citizens
IV. Report of Superintendent
IV.A. Information: Student Board of Education Representative Report
IV.B. Staff Recognition - Audra Leach, CNH Teacher, for Presenting at NELMS (New England League of Middle Schools) Annual Conference
IV.C. Information: Superintendent Goal Achievement Report 2018-2019
V. VOTE: Consent Agenda
V.A. Accept Resignation of Pei-Pei Champion, CNH Teacher
V.B. Accept Retirement of Timothy Dillon, CHS Teacher
V.C. Accept Resignation of Courtney Gagne, HEEC Teacher
V.D. Accept Resignation of Anna Glowacki, CNH Teacher
V.E. Accept Resignation of Gary Hall, Custodian
V.F. Accept Resignation of Diane Kuzmeski, Para-educator
V.G. Accept Resignation of Vita Pinelli-Beebe, ELA Specialist
VI. Report of Chairman
VII. Communications
VIII. VOTE: Approval of Minutes
VIII.A. Approve Minutes of March 14, 2019
IX. New Business
IX.A. Discussion: Policy up for Revision - Policy 3541 Transportation (to be warned for a VOTE of revision at a future regular BOE meeting)
IX.B. VOTE: Annual Non-Renewal of Listed Teachers
X. Possible VOTE: Executive Session (Superintendent Evaluation)
XI. Open Session
XII. Adjournment