Coventry Public Schools
June 13, 2019 7:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting Agenda
I. Call to Order
II. Salute to the Flag
III. Audience of Citizens
IV. Old Business: Information and VOTE - Fill the Unexpired Term of Peter Larson
IV.A. Recognition: CHS Ultimate Frisbee Club - Division II State Championship Winners with Coach, Mike Casey
IV.B. Recognition: CNH and CHS Winners of the CAS Challenge to Educational Citizenship Contest with Lisa McClean and Elizabeth Crowl, CNH Teachers and Anne Tindal and Jennifer Faenza, CHS Teachers
IV.C. Recognition: Positive Expressions 2019, Away with Negativity with Alison Blair, CHS Art Teacher and CHS Students Nancy Conti, Alex Mirante, Julia Brown, and Ruijie Lu
IV.D. Recognition: Institute of Living, Mental Health First Aid Training - Angela Puccia and Carolyn Bennett, CGS Teachers
IV.E. Recognition: CABE Student Leadership Awards - CNH Students Paige Belsito and Gabriel O'Neil
IV.F. Recognition: Future Problem Solvers with Laura Boates, CEP Teacher
IV.G. Statements by Candidates
IV.H. Nominations and VOTE
IV.I. Swearing in of New Member
IV.J. Fill Committee Vacancies: Expulsion Committee, Fiscal Committee, Grievance Committee, Policy Committee, Transportation Committee, and Curriculum Liaison
V. Report of Superintendent
V.A. Information: 2018-2019 Department Updates
V.A.1. Athletics
V.A.2. Technology
V.A.3. Teaching and Learning
V.B. Information: 2018-2019 Administrators' Goal Achievement Updates
V.B.1. Coventry Grammar School
V.B.2. G. H. Robertson School
V.B.3. Pupil and Staff Support Services
VI. VOTE: Consent Agenda
VI.A. Approve the 2021 CNH FIeld Experience to Pennsylvania and Washington, DC
VI.B. Accept the Resignation of Adam Apicella, CHS Teacher
VI.C. Accept the Resignation of Timothy Barry, CNH Teacher
VI.D. Accept the Retirement of Rudi Fregin, CGS Custodian
VI.E. Accept the Resignation of Emily Gauthier, CGS Teacher
VI.F. Accept the Resignation of Maggie McInerney, CNH Teacher
VI.G. Accept the Resignation of Hillary Walsh, HEEC Teacher
VII. Report of Chairman
VIII. Communications
IX. VOTE: Approval of Minutes
IX.A. Approve Minutes of May 30, 2019
X. Old Business
X.A. Facilities Project Update
XI. Report of Board Members
XI.A. Information: Fiscal Committee Report, Meeting of June 13, 2019
XI.A.1. Possible VOTE: Approve Transfer
XII. Possible VOTE: Executive Session (Bargaining Unit Negotiations)
XIII. Open Session
XIII.A. Possible VOTE: To approve the Agreement between the Cafeteria Workers and the Coventry Board of Education 2019 - 2023
XIV. Adjournment