Coventry Public Schools
November 14, 2019 7:30 PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting Agenda
I. Call to Order - Superintendent of Schools
II. Salute to the Flag
III. Swearing in of Board of Education Members
IV. Election of Board Officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary
V. Audience of Citizens
VI. Report of Superintendent
VI.A. Recognition: CAPSS Superintendent Student Award Winners: CNH Grade 8 Students Naomi-Lynn Saunders and Owen Dieterle; and CHS Seniors: Ava Kuhnly and Dylan Patrick
VI.B. Recognition: Joseph Blake, CHS Principal - CAS High School Principal of the Year
VI.C. Information: Student Board of Education Representative Report
VI.D. Information: Department Updates
VI.D.1. Food Service
VI.D.2. Athletics
VII. Report of Chairman
VII.A. Committee and Liaison Assignments
VII.A.1. Expulsion Committee
VII.A.2. Fiscal Committee
VII.A.3. Grievance Committee
VII.A.4. Policy Committee
VII.A.5. Residency Committee
VII.A.6. Transportation Committee
VII.A.7. Curriculum Committee - Liaison
VII.A.8. E. O. Smith Representative
VII.A.9. District Technology Committee Liaison
VII.A.10. EASTCONN Representative
VII.A.11. Athletic Advisory Representative
VII.A.12. Wellness Committee Representative
VII.A.13. Cable Advisory Representative (Town)
VII.A.14. Ad Hoc Water Supply Study Committee (Town)
VII.A.15. Building and Energy Efficiency Committee (Town)
VII.A.16. CHS Walls Code Compliance Building Committee (Town)
VIII. Communications
IX. VOTE: Approval of Minutes
IX.A. Approve Minutes of October 30, 2019
X. New Business
X.A. VOTE: Approve the Board of Education Meeting Dates for 2020
XI. Possible VOTE: Executive Session (Bargaining Unit Negotiations)
XII. Open Session - The Board will return to Open Session for a possible VOTE on the Agreement Between the Coventry Board of Education and the Education Association of Coventry 2020-2024
XIII. Adjournment