Coventry Public Schools
January 30, 2020 5:00 PM
Policy Committee Meeting
I. Call to Order
II. VOTE: Approve Minutes of September 26, 2019
III. Information: Overview of Policy Procedures
IV. Information and Discussion: Policies up for Revision
IV.A. 1251 Prohibition Against Smoking
IV.B. 3541 Transportation
IV.C. 4116.35 Child Abuse Neglect and Sexual Assault Reporting
IV.D. 4216.2 Alcohol Tobacco and Drug-free Workplace
IV.E. 5131.7 Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy
IV.F. 5131.71 Safe School Climate Plan
IV.G. 5140.1 Wellness
IV.H. 5144 Student Discipline
IV.I. 5146 Physical Activity and Student Discipline
IV.J. 9150 Official Duties - Chairperson
V. Information and Discussion: New Policies for Adoption
V.A. NEW DRAFT 3542 Code of Conduct for Procurement of Child Nutrition Program Goods and Services
V.B. NEW DRAFT 5118.2 Foreign Exchange Students
V.C. NEW DRAFT 5130.1 Home Instruction and Participation in School Activities by Non-Students
V.D. NEW DRAFT 9111.3 Social Media Bylaw for Board Members
VI. Adjournment