Weston Public Schools
May 31, 2019 2:00 PM
Board of Education Special Meeting
1. Discussion and Possible Vote Regarding Whether to Rescind the Health Insurance Buyout Offered to Weston Public Schools Employees for the 2019-2020 School Year
Actions Taken

Motion Passed:  Move that the Weston Board of Education rescind the insurance buyout offer approved at its April 29, 2019 meeting for all eligible Weston Public Schools employees and memorialized in the memoranda of understanding with the Weston Teachers Association, the Weston Administrators’ Association, and Local 1303-110 of Counsel 4, AFSCME, AFL-CIO as well as the Insurance Buyout Offer For Non-Affiliated Employees; passed with a motion by Gina Albert and a second by Ellen Uzenoff.

Member Votes
Daniel McNeill Absent
Ellen Uzenoff Yes
Gina Albert Yes
Ruby Hedge Absent
Taffy Miller Absent
Anthony Pesco Yes
Melissa Walker Yes