October 20, 2020 7:30 PM
Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order / Attendance
2. School / Community Session - 7:30 p.m.
2.1. Public Participation
3. Board of Education Student Representative Report
Isabelle Vagell and Eric Dillner
4. Interim Superintendent's Report
4.1. School Reopening Update
5. Board Members' Comments
6. Board Committees / Liaison Updates (Ref. Bylaw #9450)
6.1. Curriculum and Student Development
Members: Galen Cawley, Chair; Greg DeSantis, Catherine Miller
6.2. Communications Committee
Members: Emily Rosenthal Chair; Greg DeSantis
6.3. Facilities Committee
Members: Tom Pellegrino, Chair, Galen Cawley
6.4. Finance Committee
Members: Happy Marino, Chair Galen Cawley, Tom Pellegrino
6.5. Personnel Committee
Members: Violet McNerney, Chair, Diane Infantine-Vyce, Catherine Miller
6.6. Policy Committee
Members: Greg DeSantis Chair; Violet McNerney, Emily Rosenthal
6.7. LEARN Liaison
Diane Infantine-Vyce
6.8. Board of Selectmen Liaison
Scott Murphy
7. Action Item: Motion to approve the donation to cover the cost of a clinician to work on/learn non-classical techniques in the chamber ensemble (approximate value $1,250)
8. Action Item: Motion to approve the donation of N95 masks from Mr. Raymond Watt & Bridget Newton for distribution to the Madison Public Schools health offices for direct clinical use (approximate vale $4,320)
9. Action Item: Motion to approve $1,500.00 donation from Hand Music Boosters to the DHHS school music program to purchase specialty music masks and bell covers for all instruments
10. Action Item: Motion to approve the Minutes of the October 6, 2020 Board of Education Meeting (Ref. Bylaw #9540.9)
11. Old Business
12. Future Agenda Items
13. Meetings/Dates of Importance
14. Executive Session (anticipated) Convene for the purpose of discussion of confidential document with respect to collective bargaining with the Association of Madison Administrators (AMA)
15. Possible Action Item: Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Madison Board of Education and the Association of Madison Administrators (AMA)