March 02, 2021 7:30 PM
Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order / Attendance
2. School / Community Session - 7:30 p.m.
2.1. Public Participation
3. Board of Education Student Representative Report
Isabelle Vagell and Eric Dillner
4. Superintendent's Report
Craig A. Cooke, Ph.D.
4.1. Board of Education Recognition
4.2. 2020-2021 Budget / ESSER II Grant
4.3. Potential Building Project Update
4.4. Summer School Options
5. Board Member Comments
6. Audience Response to Information Presented (Ref. Bylaw #9540.10)
7. Board of Selectmen Liaison
Scott Murphy
8. Consent Agenda (Ref. Bylaw #9540.2 and #9540.8)
8.1. Line Item Transfers - none
8.2. Budget Expenditures as of February 25, 2021
9. Board Committees Updates (Ref. Bylaw #9450)
9.1. Curriculum and Student Development
Members: Diane Infantine-Vyce, Chair; Greg DeSantis, Catherine Miller
9.2. Communications Committee
Members: Tom Pellegrino, Chair; Diane Infantine-Vyce, Greg DeSantis
9.3. Facilities Committee
Members: Emily Rosenthal, Chair, Happy Marino, Katie Stein
9.4. Finance Committee
Members: Katie Stein, Chair, Happy Marino, Tom Pellegrino
9.5. Personnel Committee
Members: Violet McNerney, Chair, Diane Infantine-Vyce, Catherine Miller
9.6. Policy Committee
Members: Happy Marino, Chair; Violet McNerney, Emily Rosenthal
9.6.1. Second Reading: Policy #1370 Non-Discrimination (Community/School Relations)
9.6.2. Second Reading: Policy #4118.1 - Non-Discrimination (Personnel)
9.6.3. Second Reading: #5020.1 - Non-Discrimination (Students)
9.6.4. Second Reading: #4116.1 - Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
9.6.5. Second Reading: #5120.4.2.4 - Title IX/Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
9.6.6. Second Reading: #5120.4.2.5 - Child Abuse & Assault Response & Reporting Procedure
9.6.7. Second Reading: Policy #4119 - Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Children or Reports of Sexual Assault of Students by School Employees
9.6.8. Second Reading: #4120 - Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Adults with an Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder
9.6.9. First Reading: #1380 - Sexual Offenders on School Property (formerly #2270)
9.6.10. First Reading: #2240 - Retention of Electronic Records and Information (formerly Education Data/Records Retentio)
9.6.11. First Reading: #2280 - Uniform Treatment of Recruiters
9.6.12. First Reading: #2300 - Holds on the Destruction of Electronic Information and Paper Records
9.6.13. First Reading: #5131.911 - Bullying Prevention and Intervention
9.6.14. First Reading: #5131.914 - Safe School Climate Policy
9.7. LEARN Liaison
Katie Stein
10. Action Item: Motion to approve the minutes of the February 9, 2021 Board of Education Meeting (Ref. Bylaw #9540.9)
11. Old Business
12. Future Agenda Items
13. Meetings/Dates of Importance
14. Action Item: Motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss potential land acquisition
15. Adjournment
16. “The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible. Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting the Town’s ADA/Human Resources Director Debra Milardo at 203-245-5603 or by email to at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.”